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Mr. Video Wedding Productions is owned and operated by Steven Vaccaro, a broadcast video professional. He attended The Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale and majored in video production and editing. Steve began his career in the wedding video industry over a decade ago and currently operates in both New York and Florida.

Steve's goal on your wedding day is to capture your emotions and excitement while being discreet, his style is elegant and artistic. While respecting the intimacy of your wedding day he captures all the romance and love. Steve has a deep passion for creating and is dedicated to preserve all details on your wedding day.

"After finishing my video and editing courses at the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida I started out working on movie sets and commercials then became a freelance videographer for many studios in New York. After being hired to shoot a wedding it became a passion of mine to capture someone's most precious memories on their special day." - Steven Vaccaro

Tips On Videotaping An Interfaith Wedding

By Mr. Video Wedding Productions

(Reprint of an article featured in the Long Island Videographer Magazine, 2000)

My name is Steven Vaccaro, owner of Mr. Video Wedding Productions in Floral Park New York. I have taped many interfaith weddings. They call Mr. Video a specialist in this field. When taping interfaith weddings you must know both faiths symbols and the traditions of the Jewish and Catholic ceremonies. Ceremonies may be preformed by Rabbis, Priests Cantors, Ministers or Judges. The ceremony can take place at a catering hall or a beautiful outdoor location ex. boat chapel, country club,beach, park or a scenic overlook. There could be two ceremonies, a civil ceremony and a private legal service.

In a Jewish ceremony, you will have the signing of the Ketubah, a marriage contract. The ceremony takes place under the Chupah, which symbolizes the couples home. The Chupah is made out of beautiful flower or is a handmade quilt. The ceremony is called the Kiddushin (sharing of wine). It begins with an opening prayer in Hebrew and English. The Cantor also chants seven blessing. The ceremony is concluded with the groom breaking the glass. This symbolizes the fragile nature of life and it's relationships. When the glass shatters, everyone shouts "MAZEL TOV," which means good luck.

In a Christian ceremony, you will have readings from the new and old testament (Hebrew and English). The rings will be blessed, which are in the shape of circles symbolizing a love never ending. Lighting of the unity candle represents the union of marriage. The two outer candles represent the bride and groom as individuals. The center candle represents the unity which will continue throughout the marriage.

Interfaith ceremonies reflect two faiths and represent not only a union of two individuals but the union of their families, their traditions and religions. The Priest will say the nuptial blessing. There will also be the presentation of the roses to the parents. It is drawn from the Catholic tradition of honoring the Virgin Mary with flowers. The hand shake of peace is also a tradition. You turn to your neighbor introduce yourself and share the joy of this day. The priest will say the Homily, which is an important blessing then the final blessings will be said. The percentage of interfaith marriage has grown each year, so have your video cameras ready to roll!! Let love take it's course!!

Steven Vaccaro

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